Format of the race
• Qualifying practice shall be of 1 session of maximum 30-minute duration on Saturday, October 10.
• The race shall be of maximum 61-minute duration on Sunday October 11.
• The race is by invitation and is part of no championship.

Cars eligibility
• This race accepts a wide variety of Classic Sports cars, GT's, Touring and Saloon cars, built between the '50s and the '80s, except for Caterhams or Lotus 7s.
• Open wheels, Formula,  Single seater cars are not accepted.
• Cars must be presented in an appearance that reflects the period in which they raced.

• Optional 1 or 2 drivers.
• National A licence or above.
• Compulsory 1 minute pit stop (incl. fuel/driver change)

Eligible Tyres [Updated 10/07/2020]
• Treaded E marked tyres or treaded DOT approved tyres only. No slicks.
• Wet tyres are free.

Mandatory Safety Equipment
• Cars and drivers must comply with RACB mandatory safety rules.

Maximum Noise Limits
•107dB on the track, measured at 15m from the centreline of the track.

• Refuelling is allowed during the race. Splash & dash if required in the dedicated area.
• The driver must be out of the car during the refueling procedure.
• The team refuelling in the pits must have a fire extinguisher of minimum 4kg in the pit.

Entry Fee
• The entry fee is 350 euros per car.
• The fuel is neither included for the practice nor during the race.

If you are interested in participating in the "Barry Sideways Spa One Hour" race, you are invited to complete the online Intention Form.
Please note that at this stage no payment is required.
We will keep you informed in the coming weeks of the race arrangements and later in the year on the terms of payment.

Extract from the " Barry Sideways Spa One Hour " regulations.

The Barry Sideways Spa One Hour is part of the