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Eligible Cars

Classic cars, GT's, Touring and Saloon cars built between the ‘60s and end of the ‘80s, and historic cars of special interest as well as invited cars.

Cars and drivers must comply with RACB mandatory safety equipment
HTP welcome, not mandatory.

Race Format

Qualifying : 30 minutes
Race rolling start : 61 minutes
Compulsory 1 minute pit stop, including refuelling and/or driver change


Optional 1 or 2 drivers
National A licence or above

Eligible Tyres

Cars must run on treaded tyres only. Make and model are free.
For all cars, slick tyres are forbidden.


Open exhausts are not acceptable, all cars must run silenced. The maximum sound level allowed on the track per car is 108 dB, measured at 15m from the centreline of the track.

Entry Fees

650 € per car


Please read the Driver's Documentation for all details.

The Spa One Hour race is part of the Spa Summer Classic meeting